Thursday, April 7, 2016

Osram Lightify Flex RGBW: Color gamut and spectrum

I have used Osram Lightify Flex RGBW for sometime now, and decided to finally measure it's light "quality".

First I selected primary colors from Osram's app's color circle. For measurements I used Colormunki Photo spectrophotometer and ArgyllCMS software. The selected colors were not precisely primary colors, "pure" one-led-only colors, but close enough.

Osram Flex RGBW has noticeably more saturated green than the Classic RGBW bulb. It even extends beyond AdobeRGB gamut.

The primaries I picked were :

x y

If you mix different lights and vendors, the problem will be, that they all may have different gamuts and if you want to have consistent colors in your lights, you would either have to have identical lights or have some kind of CMS for lights.

When you select the light color from color circle, Flex uses the RGB leds. When you select the color from color temperature circle, Flex uses primarily the W led and mixes it with a hint of R,G or B leds. But the W led has the best CRI, so the high CRI's can only be achieved by selecting the tone from color temperature circle.

As you can see, all RGB primaries are very spiky, and cannot be combined into high-CRI curve like the White led has.
The Blue color is not pure blue, it has some red in it but I was lazy and didn't want to remeasure.

Here are the measurements for white when I selected 6500K as a color temperature from Android App:

                                          CCT = 5982K (Delta E 17.543076)
 Closest Planckian temperature = 7047K (Delta E 14.935616)
 Closest Daylight temperature  = 7411K (Delta E 18.221274)
 Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 82.4

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