Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Imdb2XML: Fetching Imdb movie metadata to XML files

I wrote a little script to easily fetch movie metadata from Imdb.

Actually I didn't wrote that part that fetches the metadata but the guys who work with Imdb2Py package did.

The script takes as a parameter name of the movie file and the second optional parameter is keywords you want to remove from movie file name before you start searching IMDB with that movie name.
You can edit the search terms and when you start the search it lists the found movies and lets you select the right one. It then fetches IMDB metadata for that movie and saves as "[wholemoviefilename]".xml.

Here's the script: 
You have to install Python 2.7 and the latest version of ImdbPY to use it.

(link removed)

Easiest way yto use it is to create batch file that calls:
python %1 "strings to be removed"
and associate that with your movie files.

I tried to make an single EXE file but there's some problems with Unicode characters that I have to solve before I can release that version.

But why do you need XML metadata files for your movies, might you ask...

Then you should read this...

The problems with Unicode characters were not in pyinstaller but in the script. After I solved that the EXE works also fine. In case you wonder about security, imdb2py makes requests to addresses and


The files are also in GitHub:

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